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Metal Fencing

Photo 10JDR Fencing Ltd offer comprehensive metal fencing supplies and installation throughout Scotland.

Our huge range includes palisade, paladin and Bastion fencing systems.

All steel palisade is tailor made to the customer’s requirements at an affordable price. JDR Fencing offer palisade fencing with either traditional ‘D’ section pales or ‘W’ section pales in a full range of heights from 1.2 metres up to 3.6 metres. All palisade fences are manufactured from material sizes specified within the requirements of British Standard 1722 part: 12 1990.


metal_fence1Paladin Fencing is recommended as security fencing for parks, schools, playgrounds, sports stadiums, public buildings, factories and warehouses, airports, marinas, utilities : gas, water, electric and telecommunications, makes paladin security fencing and ideal choice. The fence panels feature pressed ‘V’ forms containing additional 4mm diameter wires for the full panel width for strength, rigidity and sophisticated good looks whilst providing a cost-effective anti-intruder barrier.


Photo 11JDR Fencing are also suppliers and installers of Bastion Safe ‘T ’which is the latest fencing system from the innovative Bastion Fencing range. Bastion Safe ‘T’ is manufactured with a rolled top and bottom edge resulting in a very strong, stable, and safe fence.

Based on our competitively priced fencing supplies and advanced knowledge gained from years in the business, JDR Fencing are one of Scotlands leading fencing suppliers and Installers. Contact us today regarding all enquiries.